How To Put An End To Suicidal Thoughts


It’s disturbing to know how people label people with suicidal thoughts. People who get suicidal thoughts or feelings are not cowards. They are currently experiencing a bad patch in their life and they don’t know how to work through it or how to escape it. Family members of such individuals and everyone else need to be supportive of the one who’s suffering. For those who feel suicidal, it’s usually because they see it as their only option or way out. However, they need help and plenty of support. More importantly, they need to be told and shown that there is a way to deal with their issues and there’s always a way out.

People who feel suicidal are usually experiencing depression. They also feel helpless and hopeless. The fact is depression can be treated and suicidal feelings can also be dealt with and one can overcome it. If you have been feeling suicidal, you need to realize that there are people who love and care about you. No matter how much pain you’re going through, there’s a solution for every problem. You can make a difference in your life. You can also start building one and enjoy it to the fullest!


Why Suicide Isn’t an Option:                                              

Emotions are constantly changing. Whatever you’re feeling now won’t last forever. You just need some help with coping with your situation and also overcoming depression. Think about all the things in life that you love. After committing suicide, you will miss out on all these pleasures in life. Would you really want your loved ones to experience the pain and grief of losing you? Take all these factors into consideration whenever you are feeling suicidal. Here are some tips that can help you with putting an end to suicidal thoughts:


Seek the Help of a Counselor or Mental Health Professional

Licensed counselors and therapists can help with treating you. They can also help you with coping with any problems that you’re facing. A psychiatrist can assess you and diagnose you if you are suffering from any mental health conditions.


Start Journaling

Keep a journal and write about your feelings or whenever you’re feeling down. Journaling is therapeutic and it’s easier to express your feelings in a journal than to another person. Sit everyday with your journal and write away!


Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

These harmful substances will only aggravate suicidal feelings, stress, and depression. Some people find it to be an escape for all their problems, but in reality, this only makes matters worse. There’s a healthy way to resolve all your issues.


Go Online, Join Support Groups or Start Your Own

Connecting with people in this day and time is so easy, so make the most of it. You can either start your cause locally or join an online support group. You can meet people who are faced with similar issues as you and you can help each other.


Plan Your Life

Start planning your life ahead. Find a job or study. You can even do this online. Save up money for something big. It can be anything – a car or an overseas trip – whatever makes you happy.


Spend Time with Your Loved Ones and Do Things That You Enjoy

Spend as much time as you can with your closest friends and family members. Find a hobby, enjoy nature and even try new things. Do anything that makes you happy, if it’s in a positive manner.


Live a Healthy and Well-Balanced Lifestyle

Eat healthy food. Ensure that you include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Try and fit exercise into your daily routine and also get plenty of sleep. Do breathing exercises whenever you’re feeling anxious and take some time off during the day to relax and de-stress.