How To Boost Your Self-Esteem



People have this common misconception that a low self-esteem only occurs in teenage girls or young girls. This is false. A low self-esteem is a common issue that is endured by both men and women of all age groups. Some of these issues might have even begun from an early age and carried forward right up until adulthood.

You’re not alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can deal with a low self-esteem and start feeling better about yourself.


Some Causes of Low Self-Esteem


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What is Dissociative Amnesia and How to Handle it



Dissociative amnesia is a disorder which is part of the dissociative disorder group. Dissociative disorders are mental illnesses that involve loss of memory and disruptions of one’s identity, perception, consciousness, and awareness. The symptoms of dissociative disorders can have a negative impact on the person affected. It tampers with not only their general well-being but also their social lives, relationships, careers and even the way they function.

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What is a Dissociative Disorder and How to Handle it


Dissociative disorders are mental health conditions that involve issues with emotions, identity, memory, perception, sense of self and behavior. Dissociative disorders can interfere with an individual’s mental functioning. People who are suffering from dissociative disorders usually feel as though they are outside of their own body as they feel detached. Dissociative disorders are also associated with trauma.


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How To Put An End To Trauma



Trauma is what some professionals define as “a deeply disturbing and distressing experience that one has endured”. Various situations and experiences can lead to an individual feeling traumatized. A few traumatic experiences can be physical abuse, sexual abuse, a car accident, war, grief, natural disasters, divorce, both mental and physical illnesses.

Trauma in children can have long lasting effects. If not treated immediately, it could lead to major mental health issues when they become an adult.


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The Life Of Someone With Multiple Personalities


As small children, we would hide in our small corner and talk as if we were someone else, playing the role of our mothers, fathers or our favorite cartoon characters. That was normal. Clinically, it was also normal for children to portray someone else after being scolded or reprimanded by their parents in order to forget their emotions of hurt, anger, or physical pain. They use this as a form of defense mechanism so the hurt would go away, as if in their heads, the situation never occurred. They have successfully ‘dissociated.’

As adults, we too experience a normal type of dissociation in the form of daydreaming. In daydreaming, we try to picture ourselves in that skimpy suit or that luxury car we’ve always wanted to buy, or in a situation where we were always happy and had everything we wished for. We think of ourselves as someone else who was happier, especially when we are in a gloomy relationship or marriage or a tough family situation. Dissociative identity disorder occurs possibly when an individual has suffered from recurring traumatic events during his childhood, such as emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. What makes it worse is, if left untreated, the person would turn to drugs and alcohol, further needing help with addiction, aside from the original problem.

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Who Are You…Today?


Will online therapy be able to answer the question of who are you? For millions, they want to know more about them and who they really are and despite what you might think, it’s not easy to answer. The type of person you are can be very different from the person you see in the mirror and it’s often hard to separate the you in your head to the actual physical you. So, who are you today?

Who Are You?

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How Does Multiple Personality Present?

types of depression

Should online therapy be used to help someone with multiple personality disorder? It’s often difficult to know how to treat multiple personality as everyone reacts very differently. However, it can often be hard to know when you’re suffering from this condition and it can be hard to spot at times too. More often than not, multiple personality is dismissed and yet it can be life-changing. So, how can you spot the signs of multiple personality?

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Coping In a Confusing World


There are several types of depression and they can be brought on by something as simple as a confusing world. When you try to cope in a confusing world you can honestly get scared and that can bring about anxiety and even depression. However, if you are living in a confusing world, can you actually find a way to cope with it? Yes, there are many ways to cope with a confusing world and they can be very effective, to say the least.

How Can You Cope?

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