Living With Dissociative Identity Disorder


Living with another individual can be challenging. What more if you have to live with two in just one body? We may have heard about dissociative identity disorder so many times, and this case is so complicated that most of us choose to ignore or refuse to understand. This is something more than just a condition that can be treated as this has hardly been understood fully. There has been a constant debate about its existence and nature.

Is it a fact or just a fiction?

Is dissociative identity disorder a transition or does it work like a switch?

These are just some of the questions that surround this rare mental disorder. Not even the experts have fully understood this condition, but they are trying their best to help those who suffer from dissociative identity disorder. If even the experts could not fully understand how dissociative identity disorder exist, how much more could an ordinary person like most us would?

Living with a person with dissociative identity disorder can be one of the most challenging things one can experience. If the person who suffers from this condition is a family member, it means it is a lifetime obligation to constantly understand and adjust to what could help the person’s condition and overall wellbeing.


Living with a person with dissociative identity disorder requires twice as much of the following:


Understand that the person suffering from dissociative identity disorder will never have a normal life. It is up to you to make it as normal as possible. Understand that there are quite a few sacrifices that you need to make, from little things to significant choices in your life. You may somehow give up your dreams just to be present in his life and to be able to help him through his condition. Understand that your life may somehow be around him and will always be.


According to Deniz Ahmadinia, PsyD, “Our patience can wear thin with pressure and big expectations.” Patience is a virtue but in this case, patience is obligatory. Most of us lose patience but in dealing with people with dissociative identity disorder, you can never lose patience because if you do, it could be as bad as losing hope, especially if they are one of your family members. No one could love and take care of them as much as you would, so your patience is crucial as to gauge how much people around him should and could handle.


Time is gold, and living with a person with dissociative identity disorder requires both time and gold. There must be a constant visit to specialists to be able to assist and help you through and there are certain medications and therapies that would also require a sum amount of money, but money is incomparable to the wellbeing of the people we love. Double time! You have to invest as much time as possible to the point where you might not have time for you but always remember to take care of yourself no matter what. You cannot afford to be unwell. Take note that Dr. Kim Chronister, PsyD, said that “Resentment can come along with one-sided relationships.”


Living with a person with dissociative identity disorder is indeed challenging but maybe somehow, it is an opportunity for us to have a better understanding, to have more patience and to value time like we supposedly should. According to Simon Rego, PsYD  “The brain is very complex, so that many different neurotransmitters or ‘brain chemicals” play a role in influencing, and being influenced by, our emotions.” Make sure that you do what is right for your partner.