The Life Of Someone With Multiple Personalities


As small children, we would hide in our small corner and talk as if we were someone else, playing the role of our mothers, fathers or our favorite cartoon characters. That was normal. Clinically, it was also normal for children to portray someone else after being scolded or reprimanded by their parents in order to forget their emotions of hurt, anger, or physical pain. They use this as a form of defense mechanism so the hurt would go away, as if in their heads, the situation never occurred. They have successfully ‘dissociated.’

As adults, we too experience a normal type of dissociation in the form of daydreaming. In daydreaming, we try to picture ourselves in that skimpy suit or that luxury car we’ve always wanted to buy, or in a situation where we were always happy and had everything we wished for. We think of ourselves as someone else who was happier, especially when we are in a gloomy relationship or marriage or a tough family situation. Dissociative identity disorder occurs possibly when an individual has suffered from recurring traumatic events during his childhood, such as emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. What makes it worse is, if left untreated, the person would turn to drugs and alcohol, further needing help with addiction, aside from the original problem.

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